Cookies Policy

The Nuno Gama brand uses cookies.

This Cookies Policy clarifies the types of cookies used by the Nuno Gama brand on its website, excluding other websites.

It is possible to choose the types of cookies that can be downloaded to your device Internet access (computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.) through the privacy settings in the options of the internet browser you use, hereinafter referred to as browser.

I. What are cookies?

Cookies are computer files that contain a sequence of numbers and letters that allow you to uniquely identify your internet access device, but may contain other information such as your browsing preferences on a particular site. You cookies are downloaded through the browser to your internet access device (computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.) when you access certain websites.

II. Types of cookies used and their purposes

Cookies are classified by their lifecycle and domain they belong to.

Regarding the life cycle, cookies can be:

• Persistent cookies, which reside on your internet access device during a certain period of time.

• Session cookies, which are temporary and are deleted from your internet access device. internet when the browser is closed.

As for the domain to which they belong, cookies can be:

• Own cookies (First party cookies), are downloaded by the website you are visiting and share the same domain.

• Cookies from third party sites (Third party cookies). are downloaded to your Internet access device by sites from a domain different from the one you are visit. This can happen, for example, on sites that have banners with advertising of a third entity.

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The Nuno Gama brand does not use advertising cookies on its website at nor does it share information with third-party websites.

The use of cookies by Nuno Gama never allows the identification of the user, and cookies they are only used for the purposes mentioned in no. 2 of article 5 of Law no. 41/2004.

III. Cookie management

The user can accept, refuse or remove cookies by managing the settings of his browser, always being given the possibility to the user to change their permissions. The user can configure cookies in the "options" or "preferences" menu of their browser. If the user chooses to disable cookies, it may prevent some services from working. correctly, affecting, in whole or in part, your browsing experience. To manage the use of cookies, consult the browser help options, the procedures to be used.

IV. Cookie Policy Update

This Cookies Policy is periodically reviewed by the Nuno Gama brand, so its content may undergo updates.