Nuno Gama's Brand

The Nuno Gama brand was registered in 1993 with the pretext of taking the art of being Portuguese to the world. Hence the NG cross: its brand, appearing inside the “O” of Nuno, as a symbol of the Universe. It offers its vision of authentic modern Portuguese life, always from a point of view of international conquest. Making clothing an experience, which begins by challenging the senses through the excellence of raw materials. Completed by a series of accessories ranging from footwear to jewellery, allowing the customer to feel unique and confident. All 100% handmade in Portugal, through certified companies and with sustainability principles. The Nuno Gama Cross is obtained by drawing a heart in each quadrant and the four hearts create a 4-leaf clover. It symbolizes strength, courage and life, in a commitment to the laws and respect for all living beings in the Universe. It also represents the wisdom and nobility of our historical heritage, in the art of being Portuguese.